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Los Angeles DUI Attorney

Eisner Gorin LLP, is a Los Angeles DUI defense firm that focuses on getting your DUI charges reduced or dismissed. The Firm is rated a "Pre-Eminent Top 5% U.S Law Firm." With over fifty years of court litigation experience, our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys provide an aggressive, tenacious, and thorough courtroom defense. Our attorneys are former Senior DUI prosecutors that worked throughout Los Angeles County courts for many years, and have professional relationships with local court staff, judicial officers, and the prosecutor’s office.

Our firm partners have argued DUI Drunk Driving cases as both prosecutors and defense lawyers, and thus understand where the problems of proof often lie in the state’s DUI case against you. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys will employ the most effective defense strategies in court to obtain the best possible outcome. After reviewing the police reports and working closely with the client to find problems of proof, our defense lawyers will challenge your traffic stop, question the Field Sobriety Tests, determine if the Breath Testing Machine had prior mechanical problems, employ Forensic Toxicologists, and present all possible defense evidence to contest charges of Vehicle Code Section 23152(a) (Driving Under influence of Drugs or Alcohol), Vehicle Code Section 23152(b) (DUI of Alcohol over .08% or greater), and Vehicle Code Section 23153 (DUI Causing Injury).

Unlike other criminal matters, a DUI charge pending in court requires collateral administrative proceedings with the DMV, known as a DMV hearing. It is essential to seek the help of an experienced DUI defense attorney as early as possible to help protect your ability to drive. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys are trained to navigate the complicated DMV procedures to properly and successfully defend you or a loved one.

If a DMV hearing is not scheduled within ten days of the arrest, the driving privilege will be automatically revoked after the thirty day deadline. Our DUI Drunk Driving lawyers understand the importance of having the ability to drive and will fight for you to ensure you do not lose this valuable privilege.

It is very important to seek the assistance of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer at every stage of the DUI Criminal Process after the arrest. A DUI charge is highly technical, relying on Blood-Alcohol Science as official court evidence. The firm’s experienced DUI defense attorneys will work aggressively to prevent the client from suffering serious sentencing consequences including jail time, loss of the driving privilege, and substantial fines.

For someone with a prior DUI conviction within the last ten years, the consequences are ever more severe in court and with the DMV.

Felony DUI cases including Manslaughter and Murder DUI charges in Los Angeles are prosecuted by the Office of the District Attorney. In the event someone is injured, or three prior DUI convictions exist, the District Attorney may seek to have the person arrested and sent to state prison. Our firm focuses on reducing felony DUI cases to misdemeanor offenses and keeping clients out of prison. We are successful trial attorneys that offer a powerful courtroom defense on felony DUI cases, should the case need to be litigated in a jury trial. Your case will only be litigated by the firm partners and no one else!

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For clients’ convenience, we have numerous offices in Los Angeles County, including Van Nuys (the firm headquarters), Pasadena, Burbank, Ventura, Glendale, Whittier, Long Beach, LAX, Torrance, Century City, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood.